Warning – Are You Joining A Home Business Opportunity Just To Get Rich?

How many work from home business opportunities have you seen that show those big six figure possibilities? It sucks us in! We see the big bucks, the $1,000,000 we could make in only 90 days, and our minds are turned. But, will the desire for the big bucks make you rich in a work from home business opportunity?

Everyday people seek better lives. We all want more, and we want better. Often we will think that having a million bucks will make everything possible. I have seen many countless people who hold that view. They feel that having the money will make them rich, and that it will make life better, but it doesn’t. Here is why.

A look at the lottery winners will show that many of them soon lose the money. As fast as it comes in it goes out, and they are back to poor. This is same in a home business opportunity. You see the opportunity and the potential and dive right in. Money doesn’t give much enthusiasm, and the lack of it in the beginning makes most people leave.

However, this is not the worst part of the warning. The warning is what happens before the person leaves. Most people who go for the ‘get rich quick’ view will jump into a business opportunity for the money. Next they find that work is involved. After all to make a million bucks in the business is going to take years of effort. You have to put in the time.

Soon seeing that the work from home business opportunity does not interest us, we leave to find something else that can promise riches. Most people will never try again after the first time, and some become chronic – join ‘get rich quick’ schemes. There is a fundamental difference. Those work from home business opportunities that advertise as promising to make you rich without any effort is a lie. You need to act constantly to achieve that level of success.

The worst problem is when it comes to the marketing. With the marketing the eyes see millions, and this comes out to the prospects. It is like a car salesman who is looking more at the money rather than serving. Here is a key.

Service is the only way to make money in a home business opportunity. Unfortunately many people who join a work from home business opportunity will only put in minimal effort. They will be good starters but bad finishers. Remember these points, as it will cut out a lot of failure, and bring more success.

Success comes from serving people. A home business also needs more time and attention than a day job. It is funny considering that most people will not be professional with a work from home business opportunity that only needed an investment of a couple of hundred dollars.



“Building Leaders To Lead”  — Jason Paul Smith


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