Gall bladder – things to remember

Gall bladder

Article by Groshan Fabiola

The gall bladder is a very small organ, that can be found near your liver.  The gall bladder has the form of a bow tie and it is almost 4 inches long.

The hepatic duct is what connects the gall bladder to the lever. This small organ’ s role is to store bile.  Bile is a liquid that helps in the digestion process and it is secreted by your liver.

The gall bladder is the place where this liquid is stored and also concentrated.

The process is very simple. When a valve opens in your bile duct, this allows the bile to go from your gall bladder to the cystic duct, and then into your duodenum. When the substance that can be found in bile crystallizes in your gallbladder, it creates gallstones. This gallbladder problem is mostly found in people that are over forty years old. Women and overweight people are also another target of the gallbladder condition. When these gallstones are found in your gall bladder, they cause inflammation.

The symptoms of the gallbladder medical condition are very similar to those of an indigestion. Besides the fact that gallstone are formed in your gallbladder and cause inflammation, one or more of this stones can also block the bile duct. This gall bladder problem can cause very severe pain. Some of these gallstones may be eliminated by your body on its own. However, for the more severe cases, the removal of your gall bladder is indicated.

The surgical procedure to remove your gall bladder is called cholecystectomy. Doctors make a cut in your abdomen and through that cut they take your gall bladder out. This gall bladder removal procedure is very common and easy. Complications in gall bladder surgery are rare to non existent. If however, some complications do happen, you might expect: some bleeding, an infection of injury to the bile duct. These are the possible complications of a gall bladder surgery.

There would be another gallbladder complication, or more a side- effects of the gallbladder removal. Dihareea may be experienced by some of the gall bladder patients, but the reason is not yet known.

So, even if it is a small organ, the gall bladder can cause problems as well. There are also medication to treat the gallstones formed in your gall bladder, but surgery is the ultimate option.

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