Tips to Socialize Your Social Media

Social Media

Social media is all about relationships.

A social media page or a professional blog with no connection will not gain any followers. Some businesses simply throw their professional jargon on social media sites thinking this is sufficient. It will not lead to success because there is no relationship between the business and the client.

Success with social media is about humanizing your brand.

Would you rather buy from a random person or would you rather buy from someone who has connected with you and you understand why they represent that business and want to help them have a successful business?

Connecting to potential and current clients is dire to any business. This can be done in many ways by tweaking just a few things about your social media structure.

Know Your Brand and Business

The first step with social media is to know your brand and business. It sounds simple, but if you don’t know the core of why you do what you do then it’s pointless.

Think about why someone would want to buy what you have to offer. Figure out why you are special and different than the other businesses that might offer close to what you offer.

Check out the competition to see how they handle social media and observe what is working with their company and what is not.

Knowing your brand in social media is not about being cheesy. There is a fine line between being cheesy and being professional in your humanization of the business.

Using off color jokes and out-of-this-world updates will not help drive business.

Being unique and personable is what will be successful in your branding.Don’t Just Be That Company Name

Updating everything with your company name might not work. A company name is just a big label. Don’t just be that company name.

Using real names in your social media will help people feel connected. Create a page where clients get to “meet” employees and know their backgrounds. They feel as if they know Bob and Mike and now trust them with their business.

Your audience wants to know you are not a robot just pushing whatever you are selling on them. Being relate-able is just as important as knowing your brand. You can add pictures of each employee so the client can connect names with photos. Potential clients would much rather pay people than robots.Using Pictures on Your Social Media Pages

Speaking of photos, it is essential to add photos to all social media. Check your personal Facebook and look at those without any photos. They probably don’t have much interaction because they don’t put in the “work.”

It can be logos, photos of employees at business events or just working in the office. Anything that forces the client to engage is important.

Pictures allow you to come alive as a company and not just be that logo. Mascots are often associated with many companies because people might think of that little gecko and associate it with a certain company or that furry creature who makes the smile and think of the company.

Professionalism vs. Humanization in social media

Social media on the professional end makes it hard at times to walk the tightrope between professionalism and humanization.

Be conversational in your messaging with social media, but don’t fall off the beaten path of what you need to say.

People like to read playful writing that engages them, but they don’t like to hear too many personal stories. Preachers often use this approach as they tell funny stories to get the audience involved in their sermon. Some people cannot focus if they are strictly stuck on the exact information of the sermon. They also don’t want the preacher going totally off topic where they are lost.

It’s important to start conversations in discussion forums to engage clients with social media. Let them ask you questions as well so any worry about your business is squashed. Listen to what they have to say and find out what others are saying about your brand and business. This will increase sales because you are fixing their problems and finding what they need instead of just plain selling to them.Your Online Reputation

Reputation takes a while to establish for any company. The best thing to do while you establish that reputation is to keep engaged and keep making your clients happy. Clients will return when they feel a business is welcoming them with open arms. When a business is there on social media to answer their concerns or their questions they feel like they are the most important client you have.

Now that your business has a face, a voice and open arms you are no longer an automated system or like the thousands of other companies out there just like you.

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What are some of your ideas for personalizing social media?

Please leave a comment, we would love to hear from you!


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