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Tips to Socialize Your Social Media

Social Media

Social media is all about relationships.

A social media page or a professional blog with no connection will not gain any followers. Some businesses simply throw their professional jargon on social media sites thinking this is sufficient. It will not lead to success because there is no relationship between the business and the client.

Success with social media is about humanizing your brand.

Would you rather buy from a random person or would you rather buy from someone who has connected with you and you understand why they represent that business and want to help them have a successful business?

Connecting to potential and current clients is dire to any business. This can be done in many ways by tweaking just a few things about your social media structure.

Know Your Brand and Business

The first step with social media is to know your brand and business. It sounds simple, but if you don’t know the core of why you do what you do then it’s pointless.

Think about why someone would want to buy what you have to offer. Figure out why you are special and different than the other businesses that might offer close to what you offer.

Check out the competition to see how they handle social media and observe what is working with their company and what is not.

Knowing your brand in social media is not about being cheesy. There is a fine line between being cheesy and being professional in your humanization of the business.

Using off color jokes and out-of-this-world updates will not help drive business.

Being unique and personable is what will be successful in your branding.Don’t Just Be That Company Name

Updating everything with your company name might not work. A company name is just a big label. Don’t just be that company name.

Using real names in your social media will help people feel connected. Create a page where clients get to “meet” employees and know their backgrounds. They feel as if they know Bob and Mike and now trust them with their business.

Your audience wants to know you are not a robot just pushing whatever you are selling on them. Being relate-able is just as important as knowing your brand. You can add pictures of each employee so the client can connect names with photos. Potential clients would much rather pay people than robots.Using Pictures on Your Social Media Pages

Speaking of photos, it is essential to add photos to all social media. Check your personal Facebook and look at those without any photos. They probably don’t have much interaction because they don’t put in the “work.”

It can be logos, photos of employees at business events or just working in the office. Anything that forces the client to engage is important.

Pictures allow you to come alive as a company and not just be that logo. Mascots are often associated with many companies because people might think of that little gecko and associate it with a certain company or that furry creature who makes the smile and think of the company.

Professionalism vs. Humanization in social media

Social media on the professional end makes it hard at times to walk the tightrope between professionalism and humanization.

Be conversational in your messaging with social media, but don’t fall off the beaten path of what you need to say.

People like to read playful writing that engages them, but they don’t like to hear too many personal stories. Preachers often use this approach as they tell funny stories to get the audience involved in their sermon. Some people cannot focus if they are strictly stuck on the exact information of the sermon. They also don’t want the preacher going totally off topic where they are lost.

It’s important to start conversations in discussion forums to engage clients with social media. Let them ask you questions as well so any worry about your business is squashed. Listen to what they have to say and find out what others are saying about your brand and business. This will increase sales because you are fixing their problems and finding what they need instead of just plain selling to them.Your Online Reputation

Reputation takes a while to establish for any company. The best thing to do while you establish that reputation is to keep engaged and keep making your clients happy. Clients will return when they feel a business is welcoming them with open arms. When a business is there on social media to answer their concerns or their questions they feel like they are the most important client you have.

Now that your business has a face, a voice and open arms you are no longer an automated system or like the thousands of other companies out there just like you.

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Most Network Marketing Reviews Don’t Tell You This

Network Marketing Reviews

Looking for network marketing reviews?

Well, I’m not going to pitch you about any company here. My goal is to inform you of what you need to look for when searching for an MLM company.

There are 3 things you should be concerned with when searching for network marketing reviews.

1. Marketability

2. Lead Generation System

3. Commission Plan

Let me elaborate. It’s honestly really simple.

1. Marketability – What kind of product does the company offer? Is it something that the general population cannot get in their local area? What is special about it? Does it bring deep value to your potential customers? These are important questions to ask because it could mean the life or death of your home based business. If the product is truly valuable to your customers, and isn’t available anywhere else, its going to be a hit. Make sure you look into this while searching network marketing reviews.

2. Lead Generation System – How does the company teach you to generate leads? Leads are basically people who *might* be interested in what you have to offer. These are critical to making money in your business. Does the company teach methods such as prospecting family and friends, giving out fliers, having home parties? Is this something you want to do? Or does the company offer training on using the Internet to promote the business? Does it give you permission to use its name in advertisements? How strict are they? These are important questions for your pursuit of network marketing reviews.

3. Commission Plan – Is it a low tier ($ 50-$ 250), or high-tier ($ 3000 – $ 10000) opportunity? These are key elements in you achieving the financial goals you set out for. Why? Because your initial contribution is directly proportional to how much comes back into your pocket. Joining a low tier opportunity results in lower commissions on sales, and high-tier results in higher commissions on sales.

Conduct your network marketing reviews with due diligence.

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Giving The Perfect Gift

We all have so many occasions and a multitude of reasons to find and give a “perfect gift”, for a birthday, a holiday, for a wedding, as a reward, or to recognize an achievement. Eliminating risks and giving pure joy comes from making someone happy with a special gift or reward that lets them choose just what they want.



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The Perfect Gift

Jason Smith Business

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Giving The Perfect Gift

The Gift of Choice – “Giving The Perfect Gift”

We ALL have a common dilemma.

We all have so many occasions and a multitude of reasons to find and give a “perfect gift”, for a birthday, a holiday, for a wedding, as a reward, or to recognize an achievement.

Eliminating risks and giving pure joy comes from making someone happy with a special gift or reward that lets them choose just what they want.

Well I think I have the solution for you.

The Gift of Choice concept conveniently offers a unique way for people to solve their gift-giving challenges in the personal and business aspects of their Life.

The Gift of Choice currently has 19 different Ribbon Gift Collection gift books that boast something for every gift giver’s budget and every recipient’s taste. The Gift of Choice Ribbon Gift Collection gift books can be ordered in your choice of denomination to fit your personal or business budget and the theme or occasion from $25 – $750.

You’ll find exceptional brand-name merchandise that is completely suitable for the occasion and gratifying for the recipient too. It’s easier than ever now with The Gift of Choice.

To view all individual Gift of Choice Ribbon Gift Collection gift books, with very affordable prices, plus you can also order them online, please check out this site:

The Perfect Gift

Jason Smith Business

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The Gift of Choice – “Workplace Recognition”

Savvy businesspeople acknowledge those who contribute to a company’s success. Remembering them with something special – something unique – shows they are truly valued individuals.

How can I use this Gift of Choice Ribbon program help my business to increase revenues and attract and retain customers?

The Gift of Choice concept has always been showing appreciation and recognition to deserving people. It is certainly not a new idea to salute accomplishments. Every management manual stresses the value of praise. It’s definitely not difficult to say the right word or two at the right moment that can make all the difference in a person’s day… or a person’s life. Make it a habit to show appreciation and recognition and see what happens. In no time at all, others will be praising, appreciating and recognizing you, too.

The Gift of Choice Ribbon program currently offers 19 different gift books to choose from, in an assortment of themes and in the price range from $25 to $750. The Gift of Choice program is flexible enough to meet your business and personal budget and suited for fitting into the particular occasion. Sales incentives, employee rewards and gifts, incentives are gaining popularity for increasing productivity, gaining customer loyalty and improving employee morale. Choose albums to express gratitude, give recognition, and show appreciation to those who help generate profits.

“Did you know that people who are offered tangible incentives – above and beyond regular pay – improve their productivity by a dramatic 27%?

Employees enjoy receiving acknowledgement, and report being motivated when using such a non-monetary award to improve their performance. Incentive programs like The Gift of Choice provide the recipients with a feeling of pride, and can help promote an environment of cooperative teamwork that can energize a business by energizing its people.

And, as we all know, “Happy employees create happy customers!”

The Gift of Choice Ribbon Gift Collection gift books are a valuable asset and we will be very happy to customize an incentive or loyalty program to meet your business needs.

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The Perfect Gift

Jason Smith Business

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The Gift of Choice – “Special Occasions”

The Gift of Choice helps you spend less time when you shop for everyone on your list the easy way.  Whether it’s giving for a family, friend, your favorite customer or an outstanding employee, our great Gift of Choice program has the “perfect gift” for you to give for everyone on your list.  Our gift books are a unique solution for solving your business and personal gift giving challenges.

Say “Be my Valentine” on February 14th, your way.  Remember that Mother’s Day is the 2nd Sunday in May;  Father’s Day is the 3rd Sunday in June;  A Special One’s Birthday or an Anniversary and/or Weddings come throughout the year.  Present a perfectly, selected for the occasion, Gift of Choice gift book and you will always give your recipient a smile.

Working within a budget? We have prices ranging from $25 – $750 that you can afford.  Within each of our 19 current gift books that are filled with a variety of high quality brand-name gifts from unique to practical, from fun to functional, modern to traditional.  Your recipient has the opportunity to choose what they want or need so there are no disappointments, no duplications, no guesswork and no hassles.  It’s exactly what gift-giving should be.  The 180-day Satisfaction Guarantee applies to all Gift of Choice Ribbon Collection gift books.

So reward those extra special people in your life with their very own unique Gift of Choice Ribbon Collection gift book today.

• Klutz – Kids 4 and up – get ready to have some FUN from choosing your very own gift, to opening it when it arrives, to playing with you gift.  These how-to books are all about having a great time and learning by using your hands – not just your eyes.  It’s so much more than words on a page!  Select from drawings and doodling kits to paper fashions and plane sets to battery science and juggling collections.  Don’t wait another minute.  The FUN is only waiting just for you.

• Sweet! – For that special Teen – lucky recipients get in high gear and get online at the ordermygift.com site to find tons of awesome stuff – a web cam, MP3 player, earrings, lava lamp, MP3 shower radio, candle set, messenger bag, and more! After that, they just pick, click, and chill. There’s no pressure to “hurry up and decide”.  Then it shows up in the mail.  Sweet!

• Pamper – Bath & Body – offers a wonderful selection of indulgent items to spoil a person from head to toe. Candles, lotions, slippers, a robe, and more…all designed to help tired bodies and minds relax, unwind, and just enjoy some quiet time alone. Everything here is of spa-like quality from popular, well-known national brands.

• Choices – Health, Self & Home – energize and enhance your life with exclusive brands and premier products from Quixtar. Find a world of choice in health and nutrition, beauty and personal care, as well as home care products. Choose a set, or a pack, or a kit, and fall in love with the incredible ease and impressive performance of exceptional brands from Quixtar.

• Personal Accents – Jewelry for Women – lucky recipients will discover a versatile collection of necklaces, earrings, watches, and bracelets in a wonderful assortment of designs and colors. Trendy. Contemporary. Sweet and sassy. Elegant, too. For fans of the classics, or the trends, everyone is sure to find a selection to make their wardrobe shine…and will definitely put a sparkle in their eyes.

• Guy Gear – All about guys – discover a great collection of “boy toys” for your workshop, den, office, and more. From the greatest electronics to home repair tools, you’re sure to find something here that’s just right for you. Choose from many popular national brands that you know and trust.

• Arrival – Baby Showers – all parents will discover pretty and practical items to care for, entertain, and protect your adorable little one. You’ll appreciate all the popular brand names known for their quality and appeal.

• Delicious – Gourmet foods & kitchenware – find a wonderful selection of fabulous food items to tempt the taste buds. There are also cookware essentials to help kitchen magicians and novice chefs alike prepare all their favorite dishes right at home. Everything here is top quality from some of the best name brands around.

• I Do! – Weddings – find a wonderful selection of special wedding gifts to help you furnish your home and enjoy your leisure time as you begin your new life together. Items include kitchen helpers, home décor, bedding, electronics, and more from leading brand names.  The newlywed recipients will check out the choices, together.

• Ghirardelli – Everything Chocolate – created to satisfy chocoholics and candy fans everywhere, this scrumptious selection of tantalizing treats is absolutely irresistible. You can be sure you’re recipients will be getting some of the finest chocolate in the world.

• Cuisinart – Kitchen & Cookware –-ideal for anyone who loves to cook and bake. Your happy recipients will find a tasteful selection of innovative electronic appliances, impressive cookware, and sharp cutlery. Choose from an impressive selection of kitchen helpers, all boasting the exceptional quality you expect from Cuisinart.

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To redeem your gift online go to:  http://www.ordermygift.com, and enter the redemption number on the back of the Gift of Choice gift card, make your selection, and complete the form.  Your Gift of Choice gift will be shipped, FREE, directly to you.  There has never been anything quite like it in gift-giving before.

The Perfect Gift

Jason Smith Business

— “Building Leaders To Lead”

— “Never Going Back To OK”

Jason Paul Smith