Tips to Socialize Your Social Media

Social Media

Social media is all about relationships.

A social media page or a professional blog with no connection will not gain any followers. Some businesses simply throw their professional jargon on social media sites thinking this is sufficient. It will not lead to success because there is no relationship between the business and the client.

Success with social media is about humanizing your brand.

Would you rather buy from a random person or would you rather buy from someone who has connected with you and you understand why they represent that business and want to help them have a successful business?

Connecting to potential and current clients is dire to any business. This can be done in many ways by tweaking just a few things about your social media structure.

Know Your Brand and Business

The first step with social media is to know your brand and business. It sounds simple, but if you don’t know the core of why you do what you do then it’s pointless.

Think about why someone would want to buy what you have to offer. Figure out why you are special and different than the other businesses that might offer close to what you offer.

Check out the competition to see how they handle social media and observe what is working with their company and what is not.

Knowing your brand in social media is not about being cheesy. There is a fine line between being cheesy and being professional in your humanization of the business.

Using off color jokes and out-of-this-world updates will not help drive business.

Being unique and personable is what will be successful in your branding.Don’t Just Be That Company Name

Updating everything with your company name might not work. A company name is just a big label. Don’t just be that company name.

Using real names in your social media will help people feel connected. Create a page where clients get to “meet” employees and know their backgrounds. They feel as if they know Bob and Mike and now trust them with their business.

Your audience wants to know you are not a robot just pushing whatever you are selling on them. Being relate-able is just as important as knowing your brand. You can add pictures of each employee so the client can connect names with photos. Potential clients would much rather pay people than robots.Using Pictures on Your Social Media Pages

Speaking of photos, it is essential to add photos to all social media. Check your personal Facebook and look at those without any photos. They probably don’t have much interaction because they don’t put in the “work.”

It can be logos, photos of employees at business events or just working in the office. Anything that forces the client to engage is important.

Pictures allow you to come alive as a company and not just be that logo. Mascots are often associated with many companies because people might think of that little gecko and associate it with a certain company or that furry creature who makes the smile and think of the company.

Professionalism vs. Humanization in social media

Social media on the professional end makes it hard at times to walk the tightrope between professionalism and humanization.

Be conversational in your messaging with social media, but don’t fall off the beaten path of what you need to say.

People like to read playful writing that engages them, but they don’t like to hear too many personal stories. Preachers often use this approach as they tell funny stories to get the audience involved in their sermon. Some people cannot focus if they are strictly stuck on the exact information of the sermon. They also don’t want the preacher going totally off topic where they are lost.

It’s important to start conversations in discussion forums to engage clients with social media. Let them ask you questions as well so any worry about your business is squashed. Listen to what they have to say and find out what others are saying about your brand and business. This will increase sales because you are fixing their problems and finding what they need instead of just plain selling to them.Your Online Reputation

Reputation takes a while to establish for any company. The best thing to do while you establish that reputation is to keep engaged and keep making your clients happy. Clients will return when they feel a business is welcoming them with open arms. When a business is there on social media to answer their concerns or their questions they feel like they are the most important client you have.

Now that your business has a face, a voice and open arms you are no longer an automated system or like the thousands of other companies out there just like you.

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Most Network Marketing Reviews Don’t Tell You This

Network Marketing Reviews

Looking for network marketing reviews?

Well, I’m not going to pitch you about any company here. My goal is to inform you of what you need to look for when searching for an MLM company.

There are 3 things you should be concerned with when searching for network marketing reviews.

1. Marketability

2. Lead Generation System

3. Commission Plan

Let me elaborate. It’s honestly really simple.

1. Marketability – What kind of product does the company offer? Is it something that the general population cannot get in their local area? What is special about it? Does it bring deep value to your potential customers? These are important questions to ask because it could mean the life or death of your home based business. If the product is truly valuable to your customers, and isn’t available anywhere else, its going to be a hit. Make sure you look into this while searching network marketing reviews.

2. Lead Generation System – How does the company teach you to generate leads? Leads are basically people who *might* be interested in what you have to offer. These are critical to making money in your business. Does the company teach methods such as prospecting family and friends, giving out fliers, having home parties? Is this something you want to do? Or does the company offer training on using the Internet to promote the business? Does it give you permission to use its name in advertisements? How strict are they? These are important questions for your pursuit of network marketing reviews.

3. Commission Plan – Is it a low tier ($ 50-$ 250), or high-tier ($ 3000 – $ 10000) opportunity? These are key elements in you achieving the financial goals you set out for. Why? Because your initial contribution is directly proportional to how much comes back into your pocket. Joining a low tier opportunity results in lower commissions on sales, and high-tier results in higher commissions on sales.

Conduct your network marketing reviews with due diligence.

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Tips For Boosting Your Home Based Business Income

If your home based business income isn’t where you want it to be, there are some simple things that you can begin doing right now to make more money. In this brief article, I’m going to reveal some things that have greatly increased the amount of money I earn from my home based business. Hopefully by the time you’re finished reading this, you’ll have some ideas that you can apply to your business.

One thing that really gave my home based business income a boost was creating a dedicated space in my house for business-only activities. Instead of working on the couch with the TV on, I began spending time working from my home office area and immediately found that I was more motivated and better organized.

Another thing that I did was cut off my cable television. For me, TV was a tremendous distraction during the day and it was always tempting to flip it on. So I made the decision to eliminate it completely.

Last but not least, buy a whiteboard and some dry erase markers. I have a huge whiteboard in my home office where I write down ideas, daily stuff that needs to be done, etc. This has really helped in the organization department and also with brainstorming. Highly recommended.

Hopefully this short article has given you some ideas that you can immediately begin using to generate more home based business income. Making money from home is the best thing that has ever happened to me, but it isn’t always easy. Setting some “rules” and working on your organization will go a long way in helping you make more money.



“Building Leaders To Lead”  — Jason Paul Smith

What Is The Best Rated Home Based Business Opportunity?

If you’re trying to find the best rated home based business opportunity, you may be experiencing some frustration. Today, there are so many different home based business opportunities to choose from, that finding the right one for you can seem like a never ending search. In this brief article, I’m going to reveal some important things to look for as you’re evaluating different work from home businesses. Hopefully by the time you’ve finished reading this, you’ll feel more more confident choosing a work from home program.

The first thing that the best rated home based business opportunities have is a proven blueprint for success. Having a system that new members can immediately begin using to build their businesses is vital. Also, is the system easily duplicated? Can the average individual make money by “plugging in” and following the steps? If so, you may have a winner.

Another thing that is important in home based businesses is mentorship. Do you have access to mentors who have already experienced success? If not, continue with your search. Having the guidance and advice of someone who is already successful in the business you’re building is priceless, and can save you a lot of time and money.

Lastly, does the business have a good product? Many network marketing companies have products that are mediocre at best, but cost more than their competitors. Make sure that the product the business is built around is solid and of high quality.

Hopefully, this short article has given you some tips on how to choose the best rated home based business opportunity. Working from home is an amazing experience and one that I would highly recommend to anyone, but it’s important that you choose the right business opportunity. Not all work from home businesses are created equal, so make your decision wisely!



“Building Leaders To Lead”  — Jason Paul Smith

Home Based Business Opportunity Scams

If you browse around enough online it appears that everyplace you click, you’re overwhelmed with promotional material advising how to make more money than you do right now. The majority of these ads state that you’ll make more money for performing tasks that are effortless and non-eventful. What most advocates of home business scams aren’t willing to tell you is that it’s going to require working for many hours before you earn a single dime.

Scams are essentially gimmicks to absolve you of money or belongings, by deceit.
Simply put, you are forking over money for something that:

1. Is nonexistent
2. Does not function
3. Is of exceedingly low quality and/or value
4. Immensely overstates the performance and claims of the products/services
5. Never belonged to the vendor and there’s no authorization to sell it
6. Often carry hidden costs with them

The most essential thing you can do to steer clear from being scammed while looking for a home based business opportunity is to execute your calculated research patiently. Several home business scams are constructed to influence you to sign up right away while the questions you need to be asking are not evident to you. A number of online seekers who purchase items on the internet oftentimes rely on their emotional responses instead of specifically examining the product or opportunity with their practical judgment.

Some upfront logical items to complete or ponder before sending money: Ask for all of the initial investments necessary to get involved in the program; to clarify exactly what you get in return for your money. You should request or have access to comprehensive disclosure about the company, the products and the opportunity. The communication with the company offering the home business opportunity should be easy and not forced or hurried. Perform traditional market investigation to find out if the opportunity will appeal to customers. A well-established and superior home business opportunity will actually answer these inquiries for you.

It’s vital to not get carried away with the hype and promises that you can earn your money quick and easy, but not every home business opportunity is a scam. If a person learns the proven successful way to employ their website online they can look forward to creating a consistent stream of leveraged income online. It may require months or even years of persistent marketing to see some money; however, there is tangible money to be created with an internet home based business.

Most people who complete their due diligence of research and investigating can ensure that they’re not missing an extraordinary opportunity to develop an internet business that has real meaning to their financial futures.



“Building Leaders To Lead”  — Jason Paul Smith

Warning – Are You Joining A Home Business Opportunity Just To Get Rich?

How many work from home business opportunities have you seen that show those big six figure possibilities? It sucks us in! We see the big bucks, the $1,000,000 we could make in only 90 days, and our minds are turned. But, will the desire for the big bucks make you rich in a work from home business opportunity?

Everyday people seek better lives. We all want more, and we want better. Often we will think that having a million bucks will make everything possible. I have seen many countless people who hold that view. They feel that having the money will make them rich, and that it will make life better, but it doesn’t. Here is why.

A look at the lottery winners will show that many of them soon lose the money. As fast as it comes in it goes out, and they are back to poor. This is same in a home business opportunity. You see the opportunity and the potential and dive right in. Money doesn’t give much enthusiasm, and the lack of it in the beginning makes most people leave.

However, this is not the worst part of the warning. The warning is what happens before the person leaves. Most people who go for the ‘get rich quick’ view will jump into a business opportunity for the money. Next they find that work is involved. After all to make a million bucks in the business is going to take years of effort. You have to put in the time.

Soon seeing that the work from home business opportunity does not interest us, we leave to find something else that can promise riches. Most people will never try again after the first time, and some become chronic – join ‘get rich quick’ schemes. There is a fundamental difference. Those work from home business opportunities that advertise as promising to make you rich without any effort is a lie. You need to act constantly to achieve that level of success.

The worst problem is when it comes to the marketing. With the marketing the eyes see millions, and this comes out to the prospects. It is like a car salesman who is looking more at the money rather than serving. Here is a key.

Service is the only way to make money in a home business opportunity. Unfortunately many people who join a work from home business opportunity will only put in minimal effort. They will be good starters but bad finishers. Remember these points, as it will cut out a lot of failure, and bring more success.

Success comes from serving people. A home business also needs more time and attention than a day job. It is funny considering that most people will not be professional with a work from home business opportunity that only needed an investment of a couple of hundred dollars.



“Building Leaders To Lead”  — Jason Paul Smith

Do You Make These Network Marketing Mistakes?

Let’s face it. Many people who get involved in MLM businesses never see much in the results column. There are several reasons for this, but it mainly boils down to the fact that they’re making some very serious network marketing mistakes. Making serious money in the multi-level marketing industry doesn’t have to be difficult, but there are some basic pitfalls that you absolutely must avoid if becoming successful is your goal.

In this brief article, I’m going to reveal some of these commonly made mistakes and hopefully by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be ready to take your MLM business to the next level as a result.

The first critical error that I see many network marketers making is setting unrealistic goals. This is partly due to over-exaggerated income claims made in many network marketing opportunity presentations, making it seem like earning $100K a month within 30 days is easy. Now don’t get me wrong… I’m all for goal setting, but more often than not multi-level marketers get frustrated too quickly when things don’t happen overnight. Keep your goals reasonable, and you’ll enjoy building your business much more as a result.

Another big mistake that I see MLM’ers making is in their marketing systems. Are you stuck in the 80’s, still doing those boring hotel meetings and hounding your friends and family? If so, it’s time to change your approach. Start learning how to use the Internet to generate targeted leads for your business and you’ll see your income skyrocket.

Last but not least, don’t make the mistake of underachieving. Sure, MLM businesses are often presented as “very” part time endeavors, but to really see big results you need to treat it like a business. The more time and effort you invest into promoting your business and helping to support your downline, the larger your income will grow.

Hopefully this article has given you some pitfalls to avoid when building your network marketing business. MLM can be a great vehicle for building wealth, just remember that your success is ultimately up to you and the effort you’re willing to put forth.



“Building Leaders To Lead”  — Jason Paul Smith